Chrome working slow! How to increase its speed.

Google Chrome is working slow
For those who have slow internet connection, I can't do anything about it. But those people who think that their chrome has been working fine at starting but later on it slowed down, first of all you may want to know why your Google chrome has became very slow. 

The reasons is that you may have installed too many apps and extensions or memory is very low(if not, this article is not for you). This article will help you to not only increasing chrome speed but will also increase system speed by increasing memory.

Google chrome treats each and every extension running as different application and these extensions uses some amount of memory. Run Google chrome and then go to WINDOWS TASKS MANAGER and in processes tab you will find out that many tasks named chrome.exe are running on your system. 

Chrome apps and extension that completes my browser.

Google chrome is one of the fastest internet browser nowadays and what fascinates me is its apps and extensions. So I made a list of all chrome apps and extension, hope you will like it :-)

We all are fed up of ads on the internet which not only annoys us but also reduce our browsing speed. This extension blocks them.
This one is for those who wants to save websites as picture files. Very helpful for bloggers...

Three easy steps to add +1 button to blogger.

This is your +1 button try clicking it......

Following are steps to add this to your site or blog
1. First, login to blogger go to
     Design> Edit Html
    Click on
    "Expand widget templates"

Is it a keyboard or cloth?

Name : freeKEY roll-up wireless keyboard
by Scosche Industries