Chrome apps and extension that completes my browser.

Google chrome is one of the fastest internet browser nowadays and what fascinates me is its apps and extensions. So I made a list of all chrome apps and extension, hope you will like it :-)

We all are fed up of ads on the internet which not only annoys us but also reduce our browsing speed. This extension blocks them.
This one is for those who wants to save websites as picture files. Very helpful for bloggers...

This extensions helps you to avoid chrome default downloader and lets you download files via another downloader.
While browsing internet you find so many words that you don't understand. In this case this extension is very helpful, you just have to double click a word and it will open a small pop-up(not annoying) having meaning and pronouncation  of the word. You can get more knowledge about word by clicking on extension's icon at upper-right corner of browser.

Most of the user among us has Gmail Id, this extension will give you notification at the desktop about new mail. You will not have to go to Gmail again and again to check your mail.

6.Read later
Have too many tabs open? Do not want to clutter your bookmark folders with temporary links?Want to be able to read offline or make sure you have an archived version?Want to read web pages fast, like a slideshow, and as clean-text? If you have these pains or needs, then this app is for you!

7. Scientific Calculator Can be used offline and features all the functions/constants you'd expect, plus keyboard shortcuts, history, and a popout mode.

8.  Live RSS
I've tried many rss reader for chrome but they don't work very well but this one is good. Some of them was good but uses so much memory and slows down browsing speed. For RSS facility in chrome I will recommend two extensions.

It provides very simple and easy reader to read feeds. Love it
It will automatically find rss from the sites you visit and helps you to easily add feeds.

It is very simple text editor and as you know simple is best.You can use this editor in offline mode and it keeps your textual data always saved which is its beat part.

I will add some more apps and extension in one of my next post... :-)

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