3 things you should do to get Google adsense approval with just 9 to 15 posts in your blog.

Yeah you read it right, within just 9 to 15 posts you can get google approved adsense account. I have done it and I got approved by google with just 9 posts in my blog. Basically Google demands honesty. Here are some honest steps you should do to get approved google adsense account.

1. You should have all original content, the content should not have any copy. If you have copied content you can't get google adsense approval, because it is illegal. Enter your site or blog at copyscape.com and find out the copies of the content in your website.
If you have added content by giving reference, at least write something different don't just copy the whole phrase. Google can easily find out with their indexing software that you have have copied content. Use copyscape.com

2. Add a Privacy Policy Page, Go to my privacy policy, replace navoblog.blogspot.com with your website and place it in your website.

3. Don't think Google is an idiot, don't do something invalid, be honest.

After doing all the above things try resubmitting adsense application.

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Anonymous said...

good tips, well done