Which subject you should choose for your blog.

There are millions of blog over internet and on seeing them you may be planning to start a blog or have made a blog, but you should be careful when you are selecting topic for your blog. Here are some tips you should follow while selecting the subject for your blog.....

1. If you are passionate about something then you are lucky,  now you have topic in your mind to start a blog. Like I started my blog about new technologies because I love learning new technologies. But later on I changed it into mix blog, why, read 2nd point.

2.  What if you have diverse interests , no problem, you have the option of adding labels and tags, start a blog and categories your posts by labels. Remember name your blog which shows that it is mix blog, you can also name it on your name for example
imixblog.wordpress.com ; wikiYOURNAME.blogspot.com ; YOURNAME.blogspot.com

You can make menus to make your blog  attractive and link them to label links, like I have done it in my blog.

3. If you don't find anything interesting, you should go with the above step, just make a mix blog write about anything you like, hoping that there is something in world you like. Later on you can add photos , music you like. Also you can write reviews about various stuffs.

Go start a blog, Enjoy :-)

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